DIRECTV HDTV Satellite Dish Tripod Kit for RV / Mobile

DIRECTV HDTV Satellite Dish Tripod Kit for RV / Mobile

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The Directv HD Satellite dish RV tripod kit from Satellite Oasis is the perfect cost effective solution for taking your Directv satellite service with you on the road. If HDTV is what you're after while traveling, this is the ticket. The kit comes with everything you need to get your satellite TV service on the road. All you need is your satellite receiver, your TV, and 120V power and you'll be ready to watch TV. Please note: This product is harder to point than an older style Directv 18 round satelltie dish. Reason being that this dish receives up to 3 satellite at once. If you don't need HDTV on the road, we suggest looking at getting our DTV18SKIT. This dish will work with any Directv receiver, including standard definition receivers. You just will not receive HD signal if you have a non-HD receiver (any directv receiver model number that starts with "H" is High definition).

 This product is manufactured and shipped from our Indianapolis, IN warehouse.

 ATTENTION: This unit is compatible with all Directv receivers EXCEPT the H25, HR34,HR44, C31, and C41 model receivers. These work with SWiM technology alone.


  • Portable Satellite Dish for Directv in HD
  • Compatible with most Directv HD Receivers (not H25, HR34, HR44, C31,)
  • Device can be set up 50ft. from the RV for easy alignment away from trees
  • Includes 3 LNBF for 99w, 101w, 103w, with four output for 4 receivers
  • Blue Accessories Carrying Case Included


What's included in our Directv RVers kit:

  • Directv HDTV "Slimline" satellite dish antenna
  • Directv 3 LNBF for picking up all channels available. Has 4 outputs for 4 receivers
  • 4.5 ft. galvanized tripod with pole and tent stakes
  • 50ft - RG6 coaxial cable with professional grade connectors installed
  • 3ft - RG6 coaxial cable for connecting LNBF to satellite finder
  • Our own personally branded satellite signal finder (SF95) with backlight and audible tone
  • F81 double female barrel connector for connecting the 3ft. to 50ft. RG6 coaxial cables when installation is complete
  • Military lensatic compass. Liquid filled in a metal housing.
For any additional questions or to place your order by phone, please call us: (317) 353-3763 10am-7pm est
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work with all Directv HDTV Receivers?

A: No. It will work with most though. It will work will all HD receiver EXCEPT the models: H25, HR34, HR44 (genie), C31, and C41. You can find the receiver model on a label on the back or bottom of the receiver.

Q: Is this satellite dish SWiM?

A: No. It's a standard 4 output type LNBF. This type what is most homes. SWiM stands for "Single Wire Multiswitch" which means that only one coaxial cable wire needs to run from the the satellite dish into the house. These systems are currently used in situations where the installer cannot easily run 4 lines. If you have SWiM system, you may need a B band converter. Please refer to the frist question about in this FAQ's for more details.

Q: What satellite can I pick up with the Dish Antenna?

A: This Satellite Dish LNBF picks up satellites : KA 99, 101 west, KA 103, 110 west, 119 west. Some locations in the United only need a 3 LNBF for HDTV, If you have a 3 LNBF on your Slimline antenna, this kit will still fully operate your system. We sell this kit with 5 because it's sure to work for everyone.

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  • 5
    Not compatible (my fault, but working)

    Posted by Buddy Gilmore on 27th Jun 2016

    Received my satellite tripod kit, and attempted to test it out using my home box. However, I could not get a signal. Dead in the water. After reading the fine print again, I noticed that my DirectTV receiver was model HR44, and not on Oasis' list of compatible receivers. However, I moved into an apartment over the weekend, and was having DirectTV installed there, so I had the tripod and dish set up when the technician arrived. After installing a different LNB and a SWM converter, the system is working perfectly for my apartment, and will not require any mods for RV use.

  • 3
    Worst customer service ever encountered

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Mar 2016

    Satellite oasis is a middleman for directive. The product the ship is fine. Their customer service is not. They don't respond at all to inquiries made through their own systems. You can get this set up elsewhere. Given this distributors disinterest in customers, I would suggest that you do..

  • 4
    HD For MN Lake Cabin

    Posted by Unknown on 26th May 2015

    I purchased this unit to have HD DirecTV at our seasonal lake cabin in Northern Minnesota. Works Great! Assembly & set-up instructions were easy to follow. Had a little trouble finding the satellite signal based on our location. Got DirecTV customer service on the phone for help and they got me going with a 91-92 strong signal on SAT 101. Enjoying all our normal programming when not boating. Recommended to (2) people on our RV resort who will be looking to buying this week.

  • 5
    Easy Setup !

    Posted by Terry Springer on 31st Mar 2015

    I purchased this for my Brother-in-Law who was going to a friends lake house and wanted to watch the Final Four games. It arrived in Dallas about 36 hours after I ordered it and was very easy to setup. I set it up in my backyard so I could demonstrate how to tune it in. It took less than 20 minutes to get a good HD signal and clear picture. I have set up my own DirecTv equipment many times, but two days later my Brother-in-Law was able to set it up at the lake with me on the phone in about 30 minutes. We got a very strong signal (96 on SAT 101) and they watched all the games. This was a Great Purchase and will be used many times this year.

  • 4
    HD For Your RV

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2015

    I was skeptical that I could get this to work properly, but pleased to see that it works just as described. It takes a bit of patience to learn the nuances of the commands within DirecTV, but each move is described in the handbook. Some of my screens looked slightly different, or I would have a different screen before getting to the one that was shown, but through trial and error I made it to success. I did have my dish on the wrong satellite at first, and that was frustrating. The Azimuth directional degree(s) was not easy to get lined up. I found that mine was something less than what DirecTV posted. The only negative I would have would be the compass. It is not something that I would depend on. I had to use an app or my phone compass to get readings that I thought I could trust.

    I will warn you, customer service is not acceptable. I only got a live person on one phone call. That person was helpful. The many other times I called I was either informed "No one is available to take your call...goodbye!", or I was able to leave a message and never received a returned call. NOT GOOD! This is the reason that the product does not receive 5 stars. Great product (but for the compass), terrible service!

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