Directv SWM dish

Directv Slimline HDTV Dish with SL3S SWM LNB

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The Directv Slimline dish is the current dish required to receiver HDTV programming for Directv. Most receivers installed in the last couple years have the SL3S (SWiM LNB) installed. If you have models H25 or HR34 YOU ONLY CAN USE THE SL3S or SL5S SWiM LNBs.

SWiM stands for:

  • Single
  • Wire
  • Multiswitch

Which means that one wire is ran from the dish to a junction point in the home, then a SWiM splitter is used like a cable splitter to distribute the signal to the different receivers in the home.
This Slimline dish is for LNB types:

  • SL3 and SL3S (SWiM LNB) for 99⁰ / 101⁰ / 103⁰
  • SL5 and SL5S (SWiM LNB)) for 101⁰ / 110⁰ / 119⁰ 

*Note: The SL5 is usually only necessary if you for some reason need to have your local channels in standard definition and HD. It may also be necessary for some Latino programming. Usually the SL5 is installed when you have both standard definition and HD receivers in the same system.
If you're only installing High Definition receiver models:

  • H20 through H25
  • HR20 through HR34

Then you only need the SL3 or SL3S (SWiM Type) to receive all the Directv programming and your local in High Definition.


  • Includes the long and the short support brackets for stability.
  • Includes the azimuth/elevation mount.
  • Slim Profile makes this dish aesthetically pleasing for areas with Home Owners Associations.
  • To be used to pick up high definition local channel programming from DIRECTV.
  • All components are DIRECTV approved manufacturers.
  • Heavy duty J-mount with 2" outer diameter mast opening.
  • LNB arm with LNBs attached extends 23.5" from the dish surface area.
  • Includes J-mount mast, dish surface, dish back assembly, arm and pole attachment braces

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